Christ’s Hope International

Let’s give these children a future again

Africa: a continent full of contrasts

Africa ... wonderful continent of friendly people, stunning nature and untamed wilderness. Africa ... promising continent of sweet adventure, where the sunset is of unprecedented beauty and where scorching heat alternates with refreshing rain.

Africa ... horrible continent of extreme poverty, corrupt politicians and lack of drinking water. Africa ... awful continent where hopeless future prospects force children to begging, prostitution and death at a very young age.

Africa counts millions of orphans. Children whose parents have died of various illnesses, left untreated by the lack of medical facilities. Children rejected by their parents simply because they are no longer wanted. Children living in humanly disgraceful circumstances without the prospect of a better future.

The Christ’s Hope CarePoints

Christ’s Hope International takes care of these orphans and vulnerable children. Christ's Hope raises funds in six Western countries (USA, Germany, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and France) and is active in 7 African countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland). Christ's Hope manages 26 CarePoints in these countries where over 1500 children daily enjoy a hot meal, education, homework help and medical care. Each child has a personal file and is taken care of socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and educationally.

Over 1500 children now have better future prospects of good health, a job and a social-emotional balanced life. They are prepared to break the negative spiral in which they live and when they leave the CarePoint the will be an added value to their environment. In Christ’s Hope International, we call them “Cycle Breakers”.

Climb for Hope: fundraising with a physical challenge

In Belgium we mainly raise funds to support the orphans and vulnerable children in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Christ’s Hope manages 4 CarePoints in Kinshasa where 200 children are being taken care of. Glenn and Esther Vantieghem (a missionary couple from Belgium) are the coordinators of these 4 CarePoints. They have lived in Kinshasa since 2009 and together with their local staff, they take care of 200 children.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Republic of Congo is a very expensive country. Education and school supplies, food, monitors doing home visits, rent and maintenance of the facilities, medical expenses, purifying water, ... it's all not free. Luckily, most children can count on loyal sponsors to cover most of the costs, but still, ... still each month it’s not easy to make ends meet.

This "Climb for Hope – Kilimanjaro" action aims to raise additional funds that makes it possible to make ends meet on a monthly basis so that each child in a ministry CarePoint can benefit from a complete program and follow-up.

Will you climb with us for a better future?

Make the journey of your lifetime and climb with us to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Thanks to your sporting efforts hundreds of children will face a better future. What are you waiting for?

Our ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro

Travel dates

Our journey will take place from August 4th to August 13th, 2018. You will most likely, need to factor in a day before and a day after for travelling. Flights schedules will be discussed in consultation with the organizer.

The route

We will climb Mount Kilimanjaro using the Machame route. It is a bit longer but makes an ideal acclimatization possible. Each participant can climb at his/her own pace. The better your acclimatization is, the bigger your chance of a successful ascent.


You don’t need to be a skilled mountaineer to join our group, but you should be in a good, general physical condition. Start with your physical preparations long enough in advance. We recommend that you go running regularly and start working on your endurance.

Travel essentials

You don’t need technical climbing gear to conquer Kilimanjaro. You will just carry your own small daypack with something to drink, some snacks, a warm sweater or jacket, your camera and smaller personal items.